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At Ferrer-Dalmau Country Managers we have been acting as a subsidiary of our partners in a specific territory for decades, with the aim of offering all the advantages of a local market presence without the corresponding sructural hassles. Thanks to more than 100 years of experience as Country Managers we have developed expertise in these sectors:

  • Textile, nonwovens & composites.
  • Inspection, Quality Control and NDT (Non Destructive Testing).
  • Industrial equipment, components and machinery.
  • Raw materials for composites.
  • Extrusion, lacquering and anodizing of aluminum.
  • Packaging and packing.
  • Industrial cleaning.
  • Sustainability and the environment.

Attitude is key to climbing a mountain.

That's why WE ARE...



We do not act as mere intermediaries, we are part of the business and we evolve with it. That's why we can say that we are one of you. Even though we are sometimes thousands of kilometers away, we can offer you the proximity of a next-door neighbor.

Like an open book

Like an open book

We may have walls, but they are made of glass and our doors are always open. We believe that the most creative ideas are found through working together, not by telling you what to do. We immensely enjoy having these passionate discussions in order to find innovative solutions.



We are always on the lookout for new business opportunities where you and your brand can make a difference or where we can combine forces on innovative projects and new challenges.



We adapt to the individual needs of our clients to provide customized solutions.


A rope team creates synergies and is based on empathy, mutual trust and common vision.

This is how we define our TEAM.

We believe teamwork is what gives value to each project. Together we work hard, we laugh, we share ideas and opinions, we take coffee breaks and we turn work trips into vacations. Yes, we also disagree at times, but that strengthens us as a team.

We believe that we work better when we do it together, regardless of a person’s position or background, and we value our people, their lives and their professional growth. Thus we are able to create truly integrated and experienced teams to solve the commercial challenges of our clients effectively.


We have ascended along paths full of satisfaction and we have also gone through some storms. It has not been easy to get here, but surrender has never been an option.



Don Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau founds the company for the sale of textile industrial machinery.



Opening of the division of power transmissions and industrial equipment.


New business lines

The "Raw Materials" business line opens.


New business lines

Inauguration of the “Green+TURF” division.


New business lines

Creation of the "Packaging and Packing" division.


Spin off

Sale of the "Packaging and Packing" division.



We receive the "Best World Distributor" award for the Green+TURF division.


Spin off

After 18 years of growth, the Green+TURF division is sold to the Green Movers Group.


New business lines

Opening of the NDT division (Non-Destructive Testing).


Entropy Resins

The "Raw Materials" Division is transformed into Products for a Sustainable Industry thanks to the license agreement signed with the North American firm Entropy Resins, Inc. for the entire EMEA area.


F/D Sustainability

The F/D Sustainability Division is created thanks to the agreement signed with the North American brand Simple Green for its distribution in Spain and Portugal.



The move from distribution to manufacture-distribution step is agreed with Entropy Resins, Inc.



We open e-commerce channels and social media services to market and promote some of the brands of our Partners.



We receive the award for "Best European Distributor" from Simple Green.


Making way for recyclable resins

Cooperation with Connora Technologies on the feasibility of the first recyclable Epoxy Resin.


R & D and Social Responsibility

Creation of 'The F* Lab' and 'BCN Lab' to invest in R-D as an added value. Cooperation with various non-profit organizations, such as GK Projects and ASPASIM.


We launch the project called "The R * Concept".

Future ROUTES planned

«The summit is just the halfway point»

The future is ahead of us, and we have a role to play.

Added value

That's why we continue working with the same enthusiasm as we did at the beginning! We are open to change and are willing to adapt the foundations of the company if needed in order to continue offering added value to the market for the next 100 years... that's why our team is happy to work with you and for you.


We understand that the future is fluid and volatile where change happens faster and faster and instead of competition, business models are changing and being in second place no longer counts. For this reason, our strategic plan, marked by the new generations, is based on a multidisciplinary and multicultural team, a culture and values that are attractive to future talent, and technical knowledge. In this way we can offer added value to each of our Partners.

Our EXPEDITION services

Agency and Representation

Consulting and Market Studies

B2B - B2C

Distribution and Creation of Networks

License Agreement
Joint Venture
Customized Solutions

How we do it?

We are part of the solution

Your guide on the trail, your safety in times of complicated ascents, and experienced in the distribution of resources.

We see you as PARTNERS, not CLIENTS.

We build close and trusting relationships with our Partners and offer them personalized and immediate attention.

The R* Concept

After several years offering services through our F/D Sustainability business area (sustainability and environment), we have been able to detect a common link that unites all these services. Thus, it has allowed us to develop a project in which RESPECT is our premise and philosophy. We manage brands that respect the environment and the people who live in it, without forgetting the workers. We believe that developing your business is compatible with doing the right thing. Therefore, we work every day to offer a complete range of respectful solutions that complement your brand. We currently collaborate with different non-profit associations and sponsor activities that contribute to promoting sustainability and respect.

Some of our CLIENTS


"I was attracted to Ferrer-Dalmau based on both its experience in the Industrial Markets and the obvious commitment to Environmental Products and Efforts. Since then, it was the Ferrer-Dalmau people that became the critical reason to being successful in selling Simple Green products."

Skip McDowell

International Vice President of Simple Green

"We are very pleased to have welcomed Ferrer-Dalmau to the BEGE Family; our valued network of distributors. Along with their good service and profound support we really appreciate the fact that Ferrer-Dalmau highly values flexibility, technology and responsibility. These standards fit very well with BEGE’s vision and consequently we see that Ferrer-Dalmau’s efforts contribute significantly to the success of BEGE Power Transmission in Spain. We look forward to continue working together to the benefit of our joint customers and to strengthening the bonds between our companies."

Coen Paulides

International Sales Manager of BEGE

"We are successfully cooperating with Ferrer-Dalmau for decades and are sure that they will serve you in the same way as we could do direct."


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